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Durapak - Perungudi, Chennai

Transform Your Office Space into a Masterpiece of Luxury and Functionality

Durapak is the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Mr. Hitendra Jain Barai. His goal? To create a stunning corporate office that wows international clients and makes his family beam with pride. This project brilliantly combines professional brand-building with personal passion, resulting in a space that’s both impressive and meaningful. Talk about a double win!

Imagine walking into a reception area that takes your breath away – a perfect blend of beige and brown tones against a crisp white backdrop, accented with subtle lighting and luxurious stainless steel strips on marble textures.

Personalized Luxury for Every Corner

From emerald green metallic finishes in private lounges to Paris-themed wallpapers that spark wanderlust, we infuse your space with elements that reflect your dreams and aspirations. Our designs aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about creating an environment that inspires and motivates.

Functionality Meets Style

We understand that a beautiful office must also be practical. That’s why we incorporate thoughtful details like custom-designed backdrop walls with concealed LED lighting in conference rooms and grid-patterned fabric pin-up boards in workspaces. Every element is carefully considered to enhance both form and function.

A Holistic Approach to Design

Our expertise extends beyond design. We create a cohesive look that starts from the outside, designing contemporary, minimal exteriors with elegant straight lines and strategic lighting to make your office building stand out day and night.