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4140 Parker Rd Undefined
Allentown, New Mexico,
31134, USA


ABS Marine Services Ltd - Chetpet

A Nautical Inspiration in Office Architecture

We enjoyed creating and building this award-winning , acclaimed, high-performance workspace for ABS Marine Services Ltd Corporate Office.

Design Approach: A Maritime Masterpiece

This contemporary office design showcases a striking facade reminiscent of a luxury yacht, featuring sleek lines and wave-like patterns that establish a strong marine connection. This creative office design serves as the perfect office design inspiration for those seeking to blend corporate identity with innovative architecture.

Sustainability-based Office Design Strategies

Inside, we’ve incorporated biophilic principles with green walls and natural materials, embracing the latest office decor trends. This eco-friendly office design reduces heat gain by exterior walls upto 60%, dramatically boosting energy efficiency. We’ve implemented passive cooling techniques, including natural ventilation and strategic shading. Thoughtful daylight optimization, with large windows and an open floor plan, maximize natural light, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours.

Interior Design Ideology

In this minimalist office interiors we have created a clean, uncluttered workspace, with marine-inspired colour accents. The modern office layout accommodates various work styles with open office concepts, private meeting rooms, and collaborative office spaces. The cutting-edge office space planning incorporates flexible workspaces that effortlessly transform to meet diverse needs in today’s dynamic business environment.

Nautical Touches and Materials Choices

As a part of the office renovation strategy, subtle maritime-themed elements reinforce the company’s identity throughout. Custom artwork, professional office decor, and shipboard materials like polished wood and brass accents enhance the maritime aesthetic. The exterior walls feature heat-reflective coolant paint, ensuring optimal temperature regulation.

Incredible Result

The ABS corporate office design seamlessly integrates these elements, reflecting the company’s marine industry focus while providing a modern, functional, and inspiring environment for employees to thrive. Our office design portfolio showcases how we blend contemporary office design with industry-specific themes to create unique and effective workspaces.